Your nice… to… your AWESOME

May 5, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Your nice…  to… your AWESOME

The more I have advanced in my journey with women I’ve noticed over time the words guys and girls use to describe me have also subtly changed over time. Now I don’t believe how much anyone claims to be a relationship guru or whatever bullshit term they use… being rejected is something EVERYONE will have to deal with at some stage… it’s just the way that things go.

I’m assuming EVERY guy understands what it says about you if your described as ‘NICE’ by a women. Nice means either you have been too needy, insecure, not confident enough, a doormat, whatever.. at some stage and she outta here busta. My thought today was… when a guy gets dumped by a girl he’s ‘seeing’ (not long term) can we use this subtly in language to help measure a persons dating success level and then use that understanding as a means to help him get to the next level of success?

Personally, I aim to be thought of as ‘amazing’ by every girl I come in contact with (unrealistic BUT that’s my aim). I believe the more ‘amazing’ I am the more women will naturally become attracted to me AND the better quality of life I will have. I use this goal as a way to motivate myself to become a better person. Out of the last 20 women I’ve dated.. between 3 those women have called it a day with me and I’ve finished with the rest. Out of the women who have finished with me two have used the phrase ‘a lovely guy’ and one a ‘great guy’.

When I started to about learn dating success I got told I was ‘nice’ frequently and now I honestly can’t remember the last time I was called by that devil word.. it actually offends me AND i’ll let whoever said it know it. When girls went from calling me nice to lovely OR from lovely to great even thought it was a rejection of sorts it was still a sign that my inner games was improving and that I was heading in the right direction.

The text I received that sparked this post off basically said ‘you’re a lovely guy BUT when I see someone I like to know I’m the only one they are seeing and I don’t get that feeling with you. You love being one of the lads and I don’t want you to change for me’. For me the underlining point is that emotionally she’s not feeling it enough and in the text she’s giving me her logical excuses/reasons… BUT.. I think the text does a great job to demonstrating the different connotations between labeled as ‘nice’ and ‘lovely’.

If your currently stuck in a rut and are consistently being called the same connotation over and over.. then you need to get some school’in and get yourself a dose of education (articles, products etc..) and a handful of extra experience (date more women). If you are getting called the same thing over and over and your not happy with it… I would personally recommend Googling that phrase, writing down the negative aspects about the phrase and if you decide what she said was true work your way to overcome these sticking points.

The main part to remember that if you do get dumped.. it may suck BUT as mah boi Robert F. Kennedy said ‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly’.

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