How to create an easy bond to get the girl to dig you

July 2, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
How to create an easy bond to get the girl to dig you

I recently picked up soemthing from the girl i sit next to at work.  Whenever she does anything unusal she always says ‘I’m so cute arn’t I?’ Funnily this little saying is a really great way to create attraction and to slightly bust on a girl.   Whenever you are on a date and you and the girl do something similar, or,  you can always whip out…  ‘we’re so cute’ sometimes I may add something stupid like I’ll remember this on our wedding night, or, something just as cringe worthy.

Making a stronger bond between is a powerful way to create a connection between you.  When I first started dating after a six year relationship  I used to be really neutral to create attraction.  I’d never make enough effort to create an us versus the world vibe.  I would act very cockily which made girls want to sleep with me, but the funny thing is the relationship never really lasted longer than a few shags.  The more ‘us’ I created, by doing things like joking about our wedding, saying we’re so cute together is still fun but also sends more powerful signals.   After I made this ‘us’ vibe I had so much more power in the relationship instead of constantly trying to juggle plates.

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