Get Your Odds On…. to Attract Women ?

May 2, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
Get Your Odds On…. to Attract Women ?

Hi De Hi campers…  at the time of my writing in 2 days off to a long bank holiday weekend…  who can complain when two people you don’t know get married AND I get a day off work because of it!  The inspiration for today’s post was triggered from one of David DeAngelo’s newsletter that was title ‘The Only 3 ways to attract a women’.  The post main thread is to get the reader to consider the mindset of an attractive women.

Have you personally ever stopped for five minutes and ever wonder WHY do women put on make-up?  In Davids post he asks a really insightful question…   any woman can go out any night of the week and get laid…  so why would an attractive women.. WHO doesn’t need to do a thing.. still wear make-up.  I’ve never personally considered this point until right this very second.  If I were a hot women who could get the majority of guys without doing anything…  I probably wouldn’t bother going through the cost and time involved making myself look ‘hot’, plastic surgery etc.. an episode of ‘Nip Tuck‘ springs to mind call ed ‘Willow Banks‘ when I think about this concept.  Theres a really cool episode where a perfect ’10’ comes in.. shes so sick of every guy drooling over her she has a car crash of something similar to allow her to find a ‘mate’ that loved her for herself and not for her looks.

So why do women bother ?!?!?!  Part of the reason is obvious..   it’s part of the same reason why men do extreme sports, lift weights and a whole other bunch of crazy and stupid things (well according to the mating mind) …  to increase the chances of attracting the best mate possible.  One quote that really struck a chord with me was the ‘If you get more attention from others, and those others like you more, then you and your offspring are more likely to survive and pass on your genes to future generations.’  What I take this to mean is that in terms of survival… no one wants to bread with a bottom feeder over a more genetically perfect super modal for example…  and you need to stack the odds in your favor as much as possible to increase the chances that this will happen.

Davids post goes on to talk about triggering attraction and how you can use this concept to help you increase your odds, which leads into a product pitch.  From my personal outlook I increase my reproductive odds by working on the outside and the inside.  Externally I keep in good shape, have good hygiene, fashion, body language, pay for a more expensive haircut.  Internally I keep working on re-framing my limiting beliefs and coming up with better models and concepts to allow me to meet and attract people.  If you want to increase your reproductive worth…  keep upping your ‘attractive’ percentage scale.  For each new concept you learn, pound you loose, new fashion sense you get…  your one more step closer to your goal.

OK.. for today’s task…  simple.. go out and learn something… ANYTHING that will make you 1% more attractive.. just 1%.  ANYONE can do that…  after that repeat the day after and carry on repeating until you get to where you want to be.


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