Why Do Some Guys Get Laid And Other Don’t ?

September 10, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Why Do Some Guys Get Laid And Other Don’t ?

In the book called outliers there is a chapter about plane crashes… I know what you are thinking… how are plane crash going to help me get laid more.  In this study it detailed the crash rate of the Korean airlines in the 90’s.   Korean airlines had a crash rate 10 times worse than anyone else.

Most planes crashes are caused by a number of small errors, bad weather,  lack of sleep AND bad communication between the engineer, captin and first mate.  The reason for this high crash rate wasn’t that the pilots were incapable, but, because of their cultural upbringing someone who was deemed as of lower status should not talk back to someone with higher value.  So if a pilot made a mistake etc..  the co-pilot would never question is EVEN in the face of death.  It was that hard wired into them.  Koreans were then destined to be ‘bad’ pilots because of where they were born.  however, just because they have cultural baggage it doesn’t mean a Korean person could never make become a good poilet. What it meant for the airline was that they would have to find appropriate ways to trained pilots to get them past this way of thinking.

One example from my life when this happened was when I started working in big offices I wouldn’t always speak up when needed. I would have an idea and my boss would have a different opinion and because he was my boss I questioned if my comment he may think badly of me, he knew more than me because he was my boss.  I’d hazard a guess that most people reading this can relate to that. Did this make me useless at my job… Hell no. I was really good but because of my cultural modelling questioning authority didn’t come naturally. This issue of not speaking up is called ‘mitigated speech’.

So now picture yourself in a bar, talking to some girls. You think of something to say but in your head but you stop and start questioning yourself… you start thinking you’d be rude to interrupt, that maybe she won’t want to hear this or just your not good enough to talk to her etc… You go home and kick yourself in bed and just give up hope that there is something wrong with you.

What I want you to know is that in most cases it’s nothing to do with you.  A lot of it has to do with the environment that you have brought up with.  This environment has shaped your sub conscious into what is right and what isn’t.   In todays sociaty your cultural moulding teaches you to not talk to strangers, to put women on pedestal AND gues what all this imprinting does to you….  it FUCKS up your game and you were never even aware it happened.

Now back to the Korean plane crash, do you think the airlines just gave up, or, did they fire everyone? No, they found a way to retrain all their staff to help them get over there modelling.  Guess how this applies to you…  if you want to get to the next level but you have been struggling realise this… you may have been born with bed cultural modelling that is preventing you from getting the success you want but the good news is with training you move past it, as you long as you are aware that it is a condition that you can overcome with practice.

One way to start the ball rolling is when gou feel youself trying to go and talk to that girl but you can’t all these things keep running through your head so you find yourself using use migrated speech every time you hear that voice in your head that’s preventing you from saying something, have some self awareness, realise that what your inner self is trying to do and ignore it.  If you carry on letting it happen you’ll just develop bigger habits and make tbe situation worse.

Instead just say whats in your head. Sure it may not work everytime and this is something gou dont have to do for the rest of your life but by commiting a month to it, it is something that will be a big game changer for you in ykur game. As always live to hear comments.. So drop me a line at [email protected], peace!

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