Why are you stopping yourself from getting laid?!?

August 12, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Why are you stopping yourself from getting laid?!?

One of the key concepts in order for you to get laid is the ability to be brutal honest with yourself. I’ve been the victim of my own devils before… I’ll read some killer information and think I should try that. Days turn to weeks to months… I don’t and I end up in the same position as I started. I then blame the author of the book and not taking any responsibility…. And do you know the simple true. I’m the one who’s stopping myself from succeeding.

I’ve written a lot about the key to succeed with women…. Reading the right information and then practicing what you read. It’s a bit like tying your shoes laces. When was the last time you had to consciously think how to do your shoelaces… It just comes as second nature. None of us started out this way we’ve way. It took a lot of practice but with enough practice expertise you became ashore lace expert.

The same thing holds true with women. If your starting out you may feel clumsy and you won’t get the results you want straightaway but with practice you’ll get there. Trust me! So next time you read the mystery method or double your dating don’t just skim thought it… Apply what you read otherwise you’ll never be happy.

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