When to change your tactics….

June 20, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
When to change your tactics….
A lot of the material that I come across is about the attracting someone.  For me its got to the stage that I don’t (or want to) pick up hundreds of girls but I’m 98% satisfied and always have mainly two or more girls around at the same time.  In 80% of the cases I finish with a girl after a few months, weeks etc..  the issue I have encountered a few times (enough to warrant me to write this post) is that after a few dates something changes.  This only seems to mainly happen in the girls that I would consider ‘girlfriend material’ (incidentally these girls are also the ones are very independent.  I guess independence is what makes me tck).  Everything goes Ok and then suddenly theres a slight change maybe she texts less, we can’t see each other because one of us is busy etc… and generally within a week the relationships over, I’ve moved on and normally have one or more dates lined up.The part I’m trying to get my head around is what happens to a women’s mindset after they sleep with a guy.  I logically understand that as has occurred a few times (even though rarely) that it’s likely something that I project unconsciously, or, I’m just attracted to a certain type of girl who won’t commit (my guess would be the first choice).  Personality wise I love being single and if a situation isn’t right I’m happy to finish that relationship.  I’m always upfront, never needy, do fun things and I lead an interesting life.  What I’m trying to discover what priories change after you sleep with someone a few times.

The last girl this happened to we got on well, the sex was good, we did fun things and I made her cum a lot.  She moved in with a party girl and the week that followed I didn’t really hear from her, so I ended the relationship.  She replied with some lame excuse ‘I think moving in and my studies I’m too busy to see anyone at the minute’ for me that doesn’t really matter.  I’m starting to see a pattern of how I personally change the longer a relationship and for me as a guy my prioty changes fro the challenge of sex to have we got a future (even though this necessarily looking for.  If I’m going to spend my time with someone even if they’re not my girlfriend they have to live up to a pretty high standard to hangout..   think that when you meet and attraction someone, the switches that create attraction change the moment you sleep with her.  That after you have conquered her the things that keep her attracted change slightly.  The paigan virtures become less appealing compared to the christian like virtues.

At the moment this is just something floating around in my head…  more to follow shortly.

Update:  The day after writing this I read a newsletter by David DeAngleo called ‘Becoming Mr Right’.  For the introduction of his course he said something very similar to my rant above.  I’m going to investigate this further.  Except an update at some point!

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