What is Vibe ?

December 2, 2010 - Tips To Meet Women
What is Vibe ?
Today’s post is the first in a series of posts about ideas I come across that I want to get a better understanding about.  Today’s post of about the term ‘vibe’.  I was listening to the radio and heard the R Kelly song ‘Shes go that vibe’ and it got me starting to wondering:

  • What is vibe
  • How do you create vibe

In the R Kelly song he’s talking about girls he likes who have ‘vibe’, the free dictionary’s definition of vibe is a ‘a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively’.  To me this means that if someone displays a set of qualities girls will intensively feel an attraction towards them.  That person will then posses vibe and be more attractive.

So what characteristics and qualities should get included to create a ‘distinctive emotional aura’. My first though was ‘sex appeal’ so I did a brief scan of the wikipedia entry for sex appeal.  As part of the article there was a reference to visual, auditory and olfaction characteristics that can create attraction.  To me things like looks, body language etc.. are included in my definition of what causes attraction, so for me to definite vibe I’m going to use to define and create a process to create ‘vibe’:

  • Sight
    • Body Language
    • Personal adornments
    • Style
    • Hair style
    • Grooming
    • Tanned
  • Sound
    • Voice Tonality
    • Conversation skills
    • Flirting
    • Humour
  • Smell
    • Cologne
    • Cleanly washed
    • Clean clothes
  • Taste
    • Fresh breath
  • Touch
    • Grooming
    • Having muscles (random girls come and squeeze my muscles a lot)
    • Being toned
    • Soft skin

Using this list as my base I know that if I go out well styled, with a good voice tonality, wearing cologne, having fresh breath and having soft skin (no flakey skin etc..) I will have a good overall ‘vibe’.

To improve my ‘vibe’  I can rate each item in the list out of ten.  I can now easily pick the lowest scoring items in each category and then concentrate on improving them.  Improving these areas will automatically improve my vibe and as an offset girls will be instinctively more more attracted to me.

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