What is Push/Pull ?

September 3, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
What is Push/Pull ?

If you’ve never come across the term push/pull then you’re missing out on a key technique that can help you build attraction.  The first time I came across the phrase was in the Mystry Method.

When you ‘Push’ you try to push the girl away from you.  You make it seem like you’re not really sure whether you like her or not, you disquailfiy yourself.

When you ‘pull’ you pull the girl towards you.  You can think of pull as complementing, building an emotional connection, affection or intensity.

So the push/pull concept means you do something productive, like make prolonged eye contact then you do something something counterproductive towards her comfort, like saying jokingly ‘I don’t think you’re my type’

If you only ‘push’ then you can come off as harsh and mean and you won’t create the optimal amount of attraction.   In my past when I started off I only really ‘pushed I was still getting laid but I wasn’t really developing long lasting relationships.

If you only ‘pull’ then you’re falling into that nice guy personna…  you’re too nice and not challenging enough.  In general you are boring and that’s not going to get you laid.

When you are starting out and you’r still learning to build your confidence, using push/pull is a useful technique.  Everytime you do soemthign nice, take two steps back and do somethign counterinituative, this could be making fun of her, disqualifying yourself, sexual talk, breaking rapport, acting disinterested or bored.

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