What Is Escalation

September 19, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
What Is Escalation

Meeting women is a bit like a dance, there are certain steps that you have to follow in order and if you know those steps well enough, know in what order to do them and have practiced them a few times then you will be a good dancer.

When it comes to getting a girl into bed escalation can be compared to the steps you need to follow from the intial meeting until you get in a relationship or whatever.

Escalation is a lot like trying to run a marathon. You need to know the times when you need to push past people, the times to keep a steady pace and the time to drop you pace to get your breath back. In a marathon, you can’t just sprint form start to finish, you may get some intial success but in the long run you are going to crash and burn.

In pick=up, your pace is the escalation. When you escalate quickly, things progress faster. With quick escalate, you’re not playing it safe and you face the risk you might go too far too fast, the girl gets uncomfortable makes her excuses and leaves.  If you keep a steady pace you’ll never win the race in record time but you have a bigger chance of finishing and if you walk the whole walk by the time you finish the crowd will have got bored and left.  IN order to finish a race with a good time you must know when to accelerate hard and when to turn down the pace for a bit.  As David D says two steps forward on step back.

To escalate in dating you start off holding her hand, after that you kiss her, after that you suggest your house, after that you bedroom etc…  When your holding her hand if you escalate to hard and ask her to come fuck you she’ll probably run a mile unless you have good experience.

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