Watch tv and get better with women

April 23, 2012 - Uncategorized

Hey peeps. Today i’m sat watching californication and the thought occurred to me that over the past fee years my tv viewing options have somewhat changed. I remember reading an article that said The films and tv shows that you enjoy the most are the ones where you can see yourself/relate to the main character. After I read that I started watching films about guys who I wanted to model as it allowed me
relate develop those habits.

I found that the more I watched, the more traits I developed from those characters which then reenforced my beliefs the next time I watched something.

If you want more success with women go out and start watching things like
Californication, rom coms, films like ghost of girlfriends past, 50 first dates or cassanova… The more you watch the more your mental modals will subtly shift!

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