Want To Meet Women 24/7 For FREE ?

July 25, 2012 - Online Dating, Tips To Meet Women
Want To Meet Women 24/7 For FREE ?
Do you limited money, limited time, a social circle who have all settled down or not to keen for meeting the type of women in bars then online dating is a good choice for you.  I talk a lot about online dating but I’m still surprised how many people actually join AND out of those that do who actually find good sucess.  I know around 50 people now who have tried it out and out of those and me and one of my friends have what I would consider ‘good’ sucess.  So what’s different between us and those other 48 guys..  it started to make me thing what sets me apart from these other guys.  I’m not some super genius, I have writing difficultiesmm a lot celverer, I’m not super rich, I’m not a model so what did I do differently than all these other guys.
First, I read a lot on the subject and I practiced. I think the guys I know would never do this as it either perceived as a bit creepy/nerdy or they simply can’t be bothered.  If someone said to me..  spend a few hours reading this to have a fulfilling dating life for the rest of your life…  it’s a bit of a no brainer.  I also did things that a lot of my friends would never do.  In fact some of the thigns I tried out I got called wired for.  At one stage I had a few female accounts and I would chat to guys with to figure out what other people were talkign to women about… I found out.. not a lot of interesting stuff.
The other thing I did was to create a ‘system’ of sort to get me sucess.  I tracked what worked, what didn’t, I tried different things.  I didn’t really care if I messed up or if I looked stupid, the reality was i had more dates than I could amange so i just kept on pushing through and testing different things.  now I’m in a position where I can log on and start chatting to women even when i havn’t been on an online dating site for months.  What I’m willing to offer to you is my help for free…  yes absolutly FREE one-on-one remote coaching.  What I will provide is my years of trail and error for free for three readers.  I’m currently writing my ‘system’ down.  Currently it’s jsut over 100 pages long that gives information and exercises t get you online dating sucess.  I need three voluntees to try some of these exercises out so this is your chance to get some free advice simply for the price of giving me some feedback.

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