Trying To Use Logic On Her And Getting Nowhere ?

August 6, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Trying To Use Logic On Her And Getting Nowhere ?

I was reading this Daily Mail article about motivational factors.  A couple of researchers from the US performed a study to find the best way to put kids off drinking fizzy drinks.  In the experiment the research tried three different approaches one using just facts, one using a comparison of daily recommended daily intake and one explained how much effort the kid would need to put in to burn off the calories of the fizzy drink.

Unsurprisingly, the research proved that when they used an emotional trigger people were a lot more likely to not buy a fizzy drink.  In this case the amount of effort required to burn of the calories.  If someone said to me I would have to run for 50 minutes to burn off a drink I’d think of the effort I’d need to put on my running stuff, walk to the gym, run for 50 minutes.  I get an emotional reaction to the result.  Compare that to how a lot of men interact with women.  They might say I brought you flowers, took you for a nive meal and paid so by logic you should sleep for with me. Another example, I brought you a drink so you now owe me.
Over the year I’ve definitely been guilty of trying to use logic on women to attempt to get her to do what I want.  I remember one time of trying to ‘persuade’ someone to come back to mine.  I was trying to completely logically explain why it made sense for us to go back, I can’t remeber the specifics now as it was so long ago but it was probably like it’ll save on taxis fare or some other rubbish.   What I should have been doing is working on creating emotion, making her laugh, angry, cross whatever… and then leading her back to mine.  As soon as logic steps in you are creating so much more work for yourself.
So next time you find yourself saying ‘We should do this because..’ take a time out.  Do something fun instead and then concentrate on leading rather than explaining.

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