Too much information overload prevents you getting laid!

June 27, 2012 - Online Dating
Too much information overload prevents you getting laid!

Recently I’ve started my own business  and I haven’t really had the same amount of time on women.  I’ve still got a pretty active dating and but I haven’t had much time to try out any new stuff.  The one thing I have noticed by having a break is that things have been going smoother.  It’s like the law of minimalism… sometime’s it’s not about learning more.. it’s about having inner confidence and applying what you already know.

If you read a lot of martial about pick-up then you’ll here so much contradictory stuff.  In reality if you have confidence in yourself and you have you have an interesting life, everything else will naturally fall into place with a small bit of knowledge and a bit of application.   From the newsletter and forums I rad it sounds like too many people are reading far  too much and not just experiencing life.   If you download my free toolkit (shameless plug) you’ll see my plan how you can meet a women today.
This article explains brilliantly about what happens when consumers have too much choice they actually become less deceive.  Options can actually inhibited you instead of allowing you to reach you’re potential.  So my days challenge to you….  stop worrying and making excuses that you don’t know enough.  Go out and today and practice whatever it is you know.

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