The Ultimate Tinder Guide – Part One

February 9, 2015 - Online Dating

When it comes to using a dating site it is all about putting your best foot forward and capturing a women’s attention.  Creating attention is a lot like marketing.. you need to SELL or market yourself to the best of your ability to increase the likelihood of creating conversations and eventually getting a date.

When it comes to marketing yourself you need to remember, it’s not about you, its about giving a woman the best version of you that makes them want to find out more about you.

All of your photos and your bio give clues to the reader about you. This understanding is one of the biggest areas where men struggle.  First, you need to identify the message you want to convey about yourself.  Do you want come over as cool, rich, funny, adventurous?  You need to know what your message is about and craft your profile to support that vision.

I would recommend keeping you message limited to 3 things about although from my research I have found 2 is better. e.g. Hip and funny, active and smart, loves art and animals

The message you want to portray about yourself is up to you, but keep in mind, the girls you will attract will have similar characteristics to those in your message. If you want a rock chick and you have a profile that says your nerdy and shy you won’t attract the women you want.

If you want a smart women, don’t upload a picture with you with your top off flexing your abs


On Tinder pictures are key.  If you don’t have the best pictures you can of yourself on your profile people will swipe left straight away and you won’t have a chance.

First tip, no fucking selfies, ever! It makes you look pathetic and lonely. I Know, I know, you don’t have any pictures of yourself that aren’t your senior pictures from high school, get a buddy to take some. Picture one, I have me smoking a cigar dressed well on a sky scraper rooftop in Paris. A couple of photos with me and some buddies, casual, formal, and then another picture of me, then one of my dog. If you have a pet, fucking include it, my dog has gotten me more dates than I’d care to admit.
A few guidelines to follow when choosing or taking photos for tinder: – first photo is just of you, look decent, and fun! No selfies, ever! – Bring your cool friends into a couple. look social. – Don’t look drunk, don’t be actively drinking in the photo. Beer bongs aren’t attractive no matter how young or fratty you are. – You must have a full body shot, you just have to. – Shirtless pics? Your call. (OKCupid’s data says go for it. The girls I have talked to regarding it say – don’t.) – do your best to get the full six pics. (for obvious reasons) – make sure a stranger can pick out which one is you fairly quickly. (start with a couple where you are the only one in them)
Pets are like the Jesus Christ of attraction and flirting. As you grow and mature, babies begin to take that place as well. Just saying, if you take your baby and dog on a walk on a spring morning you could be Rush Limbaugh, and you’d still get that smile every man craves.

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