The Six Steps You NEED To Master To Get Laid

September 5, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
The Six Steps You NEED To Master To Get Laid

I read a post recently by Geoffrey James about the six steps everyone goes through to become a master.  His ideas a cover some of the same principles I try and cover here to teach people how to actually how to make progress improving their dating success.

The Theory Segment

The Practice Segment

His post was originally about business so I’m going to write ow you can tweak this to dating.  The first few step can be solved for you by downloading my toolkit.  This is the part that you know you have a problem you want to master but you have no idea how you are going to do that.  In my tool kit I advise the best of the best products that I’ve come across in my 5 years so you can jump to the second phase in record time.
The second phase is the doing.  After you learn something new you have to go out and apply it.  You then need to review you progress, make any tweaks and re-practice.  You steps to getting laid every night is simple.. go out and get rejected MORE than 99% of the people around you.  If you approach 500 women a month and 10 girls sleep with you at the end of the year you will have slept with 120 women…  kudos.  To approach 500 women in a month breaks down to 17 approaches everyday.  After a year there is no way you can’t be a 100% better.  If you only spoke to 5 girls a month it would take you 100 years to get the same mastery.  If you are sat reading this unhappy with the way that your life is going then step up your practice.  You may not get the success you want tomorrow… but practice enough you will in a very short time.

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