The side benefits of being successful at dating

December 19, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
The side benefits of being successful at dating

One of the issues you face when you increase your dating success… is that if your not safe…  You throw yourself open to the riddle.  I’m writing this on my phone as I’m sat in the SRD clinic surounded by a bunch of guys…  most all who are to embarresed to make eye contact with each other…  remember kids… play safe!

Today’s post is about how improving your confidence in dating can change your whole life.  When you start overcoming your limiting beliefs about women you become less afraid of life.  With this extra confidence you will be more comfortable taking bigger risks.

I’m currently upgrading my job.  I had an agreement where i worked that after 6 months probation my salary would increase…  8 months later the owner of the company is ducking my calls.  Instead of sitting around and worrying about what my boss was thinking I started applying for jobs immediately and now I’m sat here now with two job offers in the middle of a recession…  one offer is potentially 8k more than my current role… All the interviews i went to went smoothly and i got exceptional feedback.

I wouldn’t say I’m overly good at my job…  so where did this skill on being able to sit down and to easily talk about myself with
strangers come from…  It’s obvious….  from going and having countless blind dates.

When i sit in a room with strangers i dont care about what were going to talk about, what they think of me etc…  Over years of improving my body language, conversation skills and ability to communicate with people automatically makes me better In my job… this confidence and naturalness makes me stand head and shoulders above other candidates becasue they don’t have the same level of experience.

So… if your frustrated with your progress… take a deep breath and thin that the journey your on will not only make your dating life better BUT will also help you earn more money.

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