The Power of ‘Why Not’

March 21, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
The Power of ‘Why Not’

Word.  I had a BIG idea that has helped me rock like no man business…  so I thought I’d share my insight for you guys.  I was in London it was the fourth night out in a row.. I was tired and coming up with hundreds of excuses not to start talking to people…  I couldn’t understand what was WRONG with me.. then I asked myself one simple question everything I tried to make an excuse that turned the night around and I had an amazing night…

I’m to low energy to talk to her / it’ll be to hard work / it’s too loud

I just answered it as FUCK it..  I’ve got nothing to loose…  WHY NOT ?

I couldn’t answer it…  so I went and talked to a girl, then I talked to someone else, I made out with someone else, I even managed to get the female rickshaw driver who took me home to do it for free.  So why the HELL did I get some big buddha breakthrough simple..  it was the first time that I really understood to my core.. nothing matters.  I was in a club I was never going to see any of these women again… it didn’t matter if I was successful, not successful, talked to anyone or not.  I had an absolute free room to experiment with with no consequences so… why not ?

When it comes to reading about dating success I know much more than I could possibly need.  My main motivation for readin this stuff is it interests me rather than to try and improve my ‘game’.  If I have the information and the experience, what’s the biggest thing holding me back at times…  the excesses I try and sell myself..  When I know it’s my own lameness holding me back…  the power of ‘why not’ has helped me overcome my own limiting speculations…  go figure.  My challenge to you.. next time you catch making an excuses to not approach..  just think fuck it I’ll give it q try.  Go and do it once..  just doing it once will transform your night.

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