The Power of IF to Get You Laid

November 16, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
The Power of IF to Get You Laid

Bonjour mon amour! It’s only three days until I head onto the road and live the life of Riley drinking copious amounts of alcohol, in a tent with 87,000 thousand other listening to music and gernally getting drunk.

I read a quote on Lifehacker that has inspired me with this… ‘Set Goals as the Person You Want to Be, Not as the Person You Are’.

I’ve talked previosuly about how my success with women improved when I started treating EVERY aspect of my dating life as one big experiment. Every new challenge I was presented was a way to experiment on what what worked contrasted to my assumptions.

This experimentation mindset really helped me to detached my ego from the unconscious expectations of ‘success’ and ‘winning’ I placed on myself. As soon as I had the realization that every situation gave me a chance to learn and improve dating become a lot more enjoyable.

Instead of being embarrassed I might get rejected my focus immediately shifted to concentrating on what the best experiment would be in that situation, implementing that test and then measuring the outcome. Through this process I COMPLETELY stopped caring about the outcome as that was the point of the test. As a result I was able to be more expressive and open in my communication which took my game to a different level.

Setting goals as the person you want to be really clicked with me.. I love the idea of getting in a successful mindset and then using this mindset to test your assumptions out. I’ve been in a few situations recently where I’ve been undecisive about what action to follow through in a situation and by throwing thinking about the situation as someone else has really helped me get over some of my sticking points. I’ve found that this technique stops me from being constrained by my own limiting beliefs.

With that thought in mind I challenge you to one experiment.. next time you need to make a conscious decision about an aspect in your dating life.. picture the person you want to become and think of how that guy would sort the issue out. You’d be surprised how much fresh insights you’ll receive.
s tops my brain thinking about worry and doubt and concentrate on coming up with one solid experiment.

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