The Natural Art Of Seduction by Richard La Ruina

September 4, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
The Natural Art Of Seduction by Richard La Ruina

The art of seduction is a 240 page book priced at £7.99.  The book is written by an English guy called Richard who teaches men how to meet women as his full time job.  The book covers Richards ‘system’ for meeting women.

The first chapter talks about how Ricard learned this stuff.  He goes over his failures and how much of a wuss he used to be.  He starts learning some material after bumping into a guy called tyer in London and form there his confidence and ability to interact with women improved.

The second chapter starts the ball rolling with the differences between attraction in men and women.  Most of this is pretty common stuff how people hook up etc…

Chapter three start to talk about the system.  The first steps on your journey to become successful.  The things you shoulds do to project confidence.  These are the standard:

Richard gives some good tips and ideas how you can improve on these areas that are definitly worth a read.  Theres picture that demonstrate good and bad ways to approach women.
At the end of the chapter Richard gives an exercise to help you improve on this area.  I have been into lifting weights at the gym for nearly 6 years now.  My bit of adive in this area is go down the gym and stare at yourself inthe mirror.  When you do an exercise practice on good form.  This helped me improve my body languge amazingly as it helps you focus more on good posture.  The chapter the conculdes with how Richard evovled in the first month he started learning this stuff.  I like this idea is that it gives people new in this area a comparrison of what these little steps on your journey look like.
The next chapter introduces the different midsets required to transition through a successful interaction with a girl.  Richard uses three character types with girls depending at what part of the interaction he is.  I have heard of this concept in a few other books but I like the way he explained it becaseu it allows you to identitify what are your strengths and weaknesses.  Which charcters you need help working on.

After you understand the different part of the interaction Richard starts to talk about approaching girls.  He gives his tips to improve the rations of the approach being successfully.  So far this was the part of the book that got me thinking.  His approach is very simple (which I like).  Richard then goes on to talk about the type of approaches you can make, opinion openers, situation comments, direct and indirect and the pros and cons for each of the different approaches.  He then lists about 30-50  opening gambits for the reader to use.  A lot of these are not that original.. BUT..  I honestly think that they don’t need to be.
The list Richard gives is perfect for anyone just starting out learning this stuff.  While reading this section I did get inspired to write two of my own from real life situations that are occurring in my life.  If any of your friends (male/female) have got any drama occuring in their life then this is a good way to turn it into an opinion opener.  You can also talk a lot more passionately about it because it is relevant to your life.

One point I really connected with in one of Richards evolution of a natural stories is the feeling of acceptance you get by attracting someone new into you life.  At one stage I found this extremely addictive.

After starting an interaction the book goes on to talk about how to hold an interesting conversation with someone.  This part occurs after the guys has reached the hook point with their ‘target’ after the initial approach. This chapter is like a do’s and don’t list of how to be interesting.  I wrote a review of one of David D’s newsletters the other day which talked about how to create an in-depth conversation with someone.  Richards tips covered a very similar theme and is well worth reading.

The main piece of advice I really liked was when the girl is talking put yourself in her shoes to understand her perspective more and create more empathy and connection.  TRY IT!  I’ve been trying a few tips from the books in my interactions recently.. as of yet my cold reading attempts aren’t that close but I can already see how it can create more empathy and a deeper connection with people.  Richard then lists a few get to know each other questions for guys to use.

Th next part covers getting the girl back to yours.  If you have any common sense most of this is pretty obvious stuff.   I have a bit of a routine before I leave the house.  This routine covers cleaning, music, supplies etc… If your just starting out and your worried then there plenty of information to try and help you through it.

That pretty much takes us through Richards system.  The last few chapter cover the ‘optional’ things like dancing, NLP, day game and  few other points.  Everything in these chapters seems like it’s a bit rushed.  I guess there are probably books written for each topic.
The last chapter discusses ‘inner game’.  I thought that this was the most useful chapter.  The chapter doesn’t talk about vague concepts but Richard gives actual step-by-step things that he did to help motivate and improve himself in this area.  I think that anyone learning any new skill should follow this advice and for me this chapter alone was worth reading the book for.

The system Richard outlines is very similar to the Mystery method and if your just looking for a book to learn a system I would recommend that you read that book first.  The reason why I think you should get this book is that it had extra stuff.    The follow on diary/journal of how Richard improved was a great insight into the issues that an average person would face when dealing with this stuff.  I think it’s quite an inspirational story as it shows the reader a map to reach their goals while showing that it is possible for anyone to learn this.   As the books was only around  I think it’s a must read and I would recommend anyone getting a copy.

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