The Halo Effect

December 26, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
The Halo Effect

This is a useful concept to grasp to help anyone starting off learning about dating.  The halo effect basically means when you first form an impression about someone you will find examples to validate your assumption.  Your brain doesn’t like being wrong…  And i will work its hardest to male sure things stay that way!

So why is this useful….  When a girl decides your a cool, confident, sexual and mature guy….  she will always try and find examples to validate this assumption by focusingon your positive actions and ignoring your negative ones.

If a girls first impression of you is  some wired, skeezy, loser then guess what… No matter what you do she will find examples to back that assumption up.  The halo effect is one of the big reasons why good eye contact, body language, voice tone, goid energy
and being able to small talk are KEY in your dating success….  Grasp the halo effect and you’ll be on your path to getting ‘it’


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