The Gentleman’s Guide To Life by Steve Friedman

March 26, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
The Gentleman’s Guide To Life by Steve Friedman

I brought this book as the tag line read ‘What every guy should know about living large, loving well, feeling strong and looking good’. That sounded like a pretty sweet deal so here we are. The books pretty small and is under 170 pages I read it in under a few hours. The book is split into four main sections living large, romance, sports and style. The introduction really gripped me, I’m a bit of a quote nerd and the book kicked off with two quotes I really liked. First off… ‘Living large is adopting a personal code and sticking to it’ and ‘To live large you must connect with others while remaining true to yourself’. From my experience in life I have always got better results after I define what I want and then created a plan on how to get there… read any self improvement book and you’ll come across a very similar theme.. so with these quotes to go by I was hoping to discover a path to ‘living large’.. however… sadly the book went downhill for there.

The book looks like its targeted towards teenagers just starting out in life. The book covers a lot of topics but because of the width of topics covered nothing gets covered in a lot of depth. Things the book cover include things like picking wines, dealing with getting fired, which books a guy should read, how to tip and a whole range of other things. If I was 18 then the information might have been helpful BUT I think doing a quick google search about wine and art would probably give you a lot better information.

I still like the concept of the book, that by having a basic understanding about some of the finer things in life you will become more interesting, which in turn will make your more naturally attractive to women but overall I didn’t really find that this book delivered on this promise. It’s good for a very basic overview about the ‘finer things in life’ but you could find any of the information in the book form wikipedia.

Rating : 3/10

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