The finer things in life

November 12, 2010 - Tips To Meet Women
The finer things in life

This topic is going to centre around being interesting.  The reason I started looking into this area is that its coming up to winter, I can’t be outside as much so I need something to do.  From doing some internet research it lead me to the outlook that being interested in things is an attractive quality.   That when you talk with passion you become more interesting.  Now I have a load of things I’m interested in but what I wanted to focus on was something I genuinely find fascinating, I can do during winter, that makes me standout and that I can also talk to people about that they could find interesting.  For example I could be the worlds biggest xbox nerd, I may love it but what girl wants to talk about gaming ??

Some people naturally fall into a hobby or have always been interested in something since they were younger.   Personally i’ve never really thought that I’ve had any interests that I could talk about.  I go to the gym a lot but its not something I talk about to with girls.

The first thing I did was tried Googling hobbies, interests that people find interesting but nothing really floated my boat that fitted my criteria.  I looked at things like tarot cards, palming reading, creative writing, drawing but none of them are things that I care about in anyway.  When I thought about it there must be stuff I’m already interested in that I could talk about.   To come up with this list I created a mind map.  I created mine online at mind meister.  If you want to do the same you can create a free account here:

It took me a few hours to create a mind map of everything I loved.  When I went through the the list I used my search criteria to filter it down.  The last decision criteria I used was that people make judgments about you based on your interests.  For example what image do you get about someone who liked wine reading, polo and chess compared to someone who liked extreme sports.  The interest I picked would have to be congruent with myself and the image I want to portrait.    I didn’t want to be interested in something just to try and impress girls.  I wanted an interest to pass the time in the winter, was something I loved AND I could also use to talk about to help me attract the kind of girls I’m looking for.

I had a list of 150 interests.  From this list I picked 5 or 6 things that jumped out at me and that I could talk about.  For me this included productivity, philosophy, energy, fashion and movies.  While doing some research for a post I realized that the thing that keeps me interested in writing this stuff is the finding out and understanding peoples belief systems.   So for me I’m going to spend the next few months learning abour philosophy.   My next post will be how I’m going to get into it, how am I going to make it interesting to talk about and how I’m going to attempt to make money out of it.

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