The Best Time To Boost Your Skills With Women

August 1, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
The Best Time To Boost Your Skills With Women
Since I started this blog about how to improve my dating life I’ve have had many up and many downs.  During this time there have been spells when I’ve spent hours and hours writing and then there have been times when I havn’t been bothered to learn anythign new for weeks on end.
How much you can improve your ‘game’ will be equal to the amount of motivation you have at that time.  I was seeing a girl for aobut a year, she had to move to a different country and after that I had no motivation for anything.  I think I went on about 10 unsucessful dates, the first time anything like that had happened in my life.  Meeting women has many up and downs.. one week you can do no wrong and every girl you meet you take home, othertimes, everyone hates you and you loose interest.  Imagine after a few months of no sucess, would you still be so keen to carry on reading blogs, goign out ?
When you’re in that ‘dry patch’ or low part..  those are the times that you need to work harder.  It’s at those times you are most likely to make those big break throughs.  When I had a 10 date bad patch I started reading more than I ever had, I started talking to different types of girls and I tried out different things.  Do you know what th eoutcome was..  in the three weeks that followed I had more success than some guys will have in years.
For me it took a really low thing to make me have to push through my sticking point.  It made me change my thought process and I learned a few invaluvable lessons form the whole thing.  If you can connect with what I’ve just written then you need a plan to get you back on top.  For me I followed this pattern :
It was that simple.  It’s only after I did this that I read an artilce about using ‘forced focus’ to improve you expertise in an area.  Funnily, the article listed step-by-step what I had uncovered myself that helped me break through my plateau.
So my challenge to you is to make a commitment to yourself to practice 2x or 3x more than nomal for a very short period, say one week.  In that time you devot yourself to getting better.  and engulfing yourself in the subject and let me know how it goes.

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