The Best Shortcut To Get Laid Now

August 20, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
The Best Shortcut To Get Laid Now

I was reading a brilliant article about the quickest way to mastery.  When you start out trying to improve your confidence with girls you’re going to be bad.  If you can’t play the guitar and you pick it up you wouldn’t expect to play the worlds best song straight away… that would be crazy.

So how come as guys when you don’t have a lot of experience talking and meeting women you judge yourself on the standards of an expert.  I’ve done the exact same thing myself and at times I still do.  You want every interaction to go perfectly, you want to sleep with everything you talk to or you want to find that one perfect girl without going through the hardship of dating a lot of people until you met her.  Unfortuntly… for 98% of the people out there… it will take hard work.

I remember when I first decided to write this blog…  I didn’t think I was enough of an expert on meeting women that anyone would listen.  I was comparing myself to all these ‘dating gurus’ and even though I was having more success than anyone I knew I still lacked that confidence.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line…  you can’t just expect to magically beam from one point to the other, you need that journey in order to become an expert.   When I started this blog my expectations were to write the best articles in the world…  I didn’t write a lot, I’d never done it before it was a classic case of jumping from one point to the next.

Now several years later my readership has jumped…  if I had just given up straight away because I didn’t deem myself expert enough then I would have missed out  on so much.  I’ve talked to world class authors, I’ve met some cool people and I’ve changed as a person.  So the next time you’re out talking to a women and you get blown out.. don’t beat yourself up about it.  Have some self awareness that you are on a learning path and it will become easier as time goes by.  The other alternative is to just give up and guess if you give up you won’t improve…..  Every ‘expert’ has to start somewhere


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