The Best Pick-up Line In The World

October 17, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
The Best Pick-up Line In The World

Ok.. so the title might be a misleading.  Sorry!  I get a lot of emails from guys looking for a quick technique or pick-up line that will get them laid tonight.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that isn’t how life works.  Like any skill it takes time, effort and balls to become successful with women.  If you’re just looking for a quick win then sorry… you’re not going to get any consistent success until you change you change your mindset.

Becoming good with women won’t just magically happen with a great pick-up line, an online opener, a new car, clothes, a new job.  The biggest problem I see is that this is what most guys think will make them successful.  I’m here to trying and guide you to the light.

To be consistently successful with women first you need to know the step involved, for a very quick overview :

Now if you had the words best pick-up line and you delivered it to perfection, all that is going to happen is you’ll both be stood there looking at each other.  If you don’t have anything else to say, or you don’t know how to make her attarcted to you then after a few minutes she’ll get bored and leave.
Mastering all these steps may take some people months or even years.  I’ve had more success than most people but sometimes approaching people can be difficult at times.  So instead of looking for the next great pick-up line, start having confidence in yourself, if you haven’t already check out the review section above and get yourself a guide, learn all the steps and go out and practice.   If you still want some lines then I’ll leave you with a few that have worked for me a lot.  If you look in any of the pick-up guides, openers meant to be funny, clever and witty.  I personally think that as long as you have confidence it doesn’t matter what you say.  I’ve been in situations where I’ve just made eye contact with a girl, not said a word and made out with her.
  • Have you got a lighter ?  This has started so many conversation for me.  If you smoke I can’t think of a single reason why you can’t talk to a single girl all night.
  • Where’s good to go tonight ? Again it’s not big it’s not clever.  It starts me off in a conversation and as soon as I have someone engaged the rest just comes naturally.
  • Can you settle an argument please… online dating sites.. full or wired crazy peopleor not ? (I’ve used online dating site a lot in the past so I have a ton of funny stories I’ll just make something up on the fly based on their response)
So there you have it.  Trust me when I say you can as long as you say it right.. you can pretty much say anything.  If you still arn’t convinced then your only option is to pick one of mine or another PUA lines and go out and try it on 50 people.  After doing this consistantly for months or even years you’ll start to see what I mean.

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