The Art of Seduction by Robert Green Part 4

September 4, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews

G’day gangsta’s.. today marks the conclusive review of the Art Of Seduction review.  This review will be covering the fourth and last disc within the book.  I can say going through this audio book has been a bit like a marathon… the information is very rewarding BUT it has seemed like really hard going at times.

On the fourth CD Robert concludes his 22 step of seduction.  I think it covers steps 18-22.  This includes topics such as Taboos, effect a regression, prove yourself, creating temptation, mix pleasure with pain, give them space to fall, be bold and the aftermath. Again I found this disc packed with insights that consistently made me turn off the tape and ponder about my own life and ways of thinking.  I think I found this book like the ‘Art Of War’ but for seduction (hence the name I guess!) which is full of quotes and strategies.  A lot of this information really does a massive underpinning for a lot of the dating material I have read.  A lot of the topics I’ve heard David DeAngelo and some of the advice from the Mystery Method all look like they relate strongly to the material covered in the Art Of Seduction.

The fourth disc starts off describing ‘Phase 3’ of the process ‘deepening the effect through extreme measures’.  I envisioned the author telling  the reader to go out and kidnap and pillage the local towns.  In phase three the idea is to create a deeper connection with the girl.  When you have caught the attention of your target you now want them to develop a deep connection with you.  David DeAngelo talks a lot about dialing the attraction levels with a girl by taking two steps forward then one step back.

The tape goes on to talk about making your target switch between hope and despair to increase these feelings ‘until they snap’.  When you send women on the roller coaster of emotions it makes the process seem much more intense.  For example if you went on a roller coaster and it was flat the ride would be dull and boring.. however… if the roller coaster has lot of highs and lows it becomes much more thrilling because there’s more of an emotional journey.

A lot of the advice Robert gives has defiantly rung true from my own experiences, for example one example Roberts gives is to add temptation into the interaction.  In more than one instance I’ve had girls has been warned off me by a mutual acquaintance and all that happened is that the girl ended up being more drawn towards me.

Towards the end of disc four we head into phase four ‘Moving In For The Kill’.  After following the first phases of Roberts approach women should be in a situation where they are chasing you.   This section covers how to close the deal.  l found a lot of this advice boiled down to creating contrasts and mixed messages like being nice at the beginning then being bold later on or having a strong nature mixed in with a bit of a romantic.

The book finishes about the warning of the aftermath.  After you have seduced someone they will start to see your flaws… this is the time to start a second seduction.  I’ve never really heard advice in these terms for me and it has definitely given me several new concepts I want to try out.

Overall : I found this book awesome and my only regret is I didn’t listen or read it when I first got a copy three years ago. I would say this book should be read by anyone wanting to up their dating success.. go out and buy it now !

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