The Art Of Seduction By Robert Green Part 3

September 4, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
The Art Of Seduction By Robert Green Part 3

Well this is three of four reviewing Robert Greens Art Of Seduction.   I’m only half way through the book and it’s been by far the most thought provoking book I’ve read for several months.

The third disc carries on talking about the 24 parts of Roberts seduction process.  The tape starts on around the 4th item  ‘harem effect’…  raise your value by having worshipful people around you.  I know from experience that when I’ve been out in a group of women it’s a lot easier to get attention from other women because of it.    Robert made a great comparison  of this principle against restaurants.  I always pick the restaurant I eat in based on how busy it is…  I will never eat in a empty restaurant as it sends warning signals that the food or service is not great.  If a women thinks you havn’t got any female attention in your life she may start thinking that there is something wrong with you.

The next few issues surround the mindset required to create a good seduction.   I’ve never really thought about what type of girl would be easiest to ‘pickup’ before because that’s not really where I’m at in my life… but Roberts makes a really insightful point, which is…  people who are unsatisfied, have tension or a need in there life is easier to be seduced.   If someone is missing an aspect of their lives like excitement, fun, stability and you can bring that need into someones live then you will become more attractive to that person.

The third CD covers topics including…  creating illusion, role playing, isolating the victim, creating temptation, insinuation, suspense,  confuse using your words, compliments,  paying attention to detail and profiling your image.

I can’t say I completely agreed with every bit of advice on the tape.  Everyone has different beliefs and strategies in life.  The section about dismiss showing a lot of vulnerability didn’t really gel with me.  The tape suggested that if you appear weak your interaction will be more natural and that if you show sincerity by playing the victim or by confessing a sin you will be more trust worthy.

I can see the reason why this may work but for me this goes against my outlook in life.  I believe in being a strong, mature man and being vulnerable as the tape suggest by ‘crying’ once in a while sounds too wired and creepy for me to adopt.

On this tape the biggest realization came in the profiling your image section.   The tape suggest people are attracted to others if it makes other people think better about us.  I fully admit I fall into this trap without realizing.  If I’m honest with myself I can say I only want to go out with really attractive women because in part it makes me look better and people think more highly of me because of it.  I have and probably will again finished with girls I get on really well with just because I don’t consider them  attractive to be deemed as my girl friend.  One aspect of that process is definitely how my social group will perceive her.

I found a lot of the advice on this disc to include which are modern advice in the majority of dating material I’ve come across, such as like the Mystery Method and some of David D’s work and I’m really intrigued to know  if they got a lot of the concepts of their work from ‘The Laws Of Attraction’.

The other section I really liked was the suspense chapter.  I found the advice in here is such a transferable skill from small talk with anyone, to online dating or meeting up in the real world really relevant.  I’m in the middle of writing a a book about how to meet hot women CONSTANTLY via online and the advice in here has given me a whole new chapter.  The author states that by making yourself unpredictable, you will get inside a women’s head and she will be thinking about you more because she will be wondering what you are up to.  Again that’s pretty fluffy and doesn’t really give the reader any specific advice.  Robert then goes on to define some things you can add in your interactions to achieve ‘unpredictablness’.  These include..

Once again this CD was filled with insights for me.  I don’t think I’ve EVER written as many notes from such a small timeframe.  Up next time is the final review in the book!


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