The Art Of Seduction By Robert Green Part 2

September 4, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
The Art Of Seduction By Robert Green Part 2

Ok.. we’ll I’ll be picking up on disc two.   We left off with Robert going through in detail discussing the 9 different types of seducer traits he defined (Sirens, Rakes, Ideal Lovers, Dandies, Naturals, Charmers, Coquettes, Stars and Charismatics).  The majority of disc two is an in-depth  overview defining the different types.    I found that there was a lot of useful content in there that defines exactly what personality traits guys need to develop to attract women.   Some of the quotes that stood out for me included :

I think the book does a great ob of explaining how men need to attract to attract women.  I don’t think anyone is going to read this book and with the material use it to seduce a women.  I do think the book will provide the reader an invaluable insight about what in there personality is attractive and what they can work on to cultivate it more.

Out of all the types I’m definitely a Coquettes.  Coquettes are seducers who are very detached from women which makes them chase the seducer.  The seducer does this by being very narcissistic.. which in all honesty defines me quite well.

One quote that immediately made me think about an ex was ‘distract them from their issues and give them pleasure.. do this enough and they will fall for your spell’.  I remember on our first date she had issues at her work that was bumming her out.  For the evening I made her laugh and forget about everything and because of this we developed a pretty strong bond and we dated for over a year.  As soon as a girl see’s you as an escape from her troubles or her boredom then she will keep coming back.

I found the CD full of little insights that got my brain thinking.   One of which was the observations about how people subconscious identify people with charisma as someone who can provide hope to them (which also subconsciously trigger thoughts of a prophet).  This definitely got me to switch off the tape and mull the concept over.

Out of all the sections i found the information on  ‘the star’ probably the most fascinating.  A lot of this covered things like rehearsing, practicing facial expressions in the mirror, acting out responses in certain circumstances etc…    A few years ago when I started reading this type of stuff I thought having things like a set list of questions, or, having routines  really fake and I dismissed the concepts for months.  I wanted to have fun spontaneous interactions.  The more time went on and the more I practiced and the mire successful I become I realized that this belief was really limiting my own success.  Looking back now I wish I had read or listened to this when I first brought it as I think I would have progress at a lot faster rate than I did, as it really puts a lot of concepts that took a while for me to comprehend into perspective.

Half way through disc two the second part of the book starts…  the seductive process!.  Robert boils this process into a whopping 24 parts !  I really liked the underlining principale that you can be the most handsome, funny, charismatic person, but, without having a seduction strategy your never going to going to have great success.

The author then goes to list a number of tips which are surprising really informative.  Throughout the course I constantly had to repeat section several times over to get all the information that was bombarded my way.  The type of advice covers all aspects from ‘happy people are harder to seduce’ to ‘approach indirectly, if your too forward the target may resist you’.

Well that covers an action packed disc two.. until next time.. peace out suckers !

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