The Art Of Seduction By Robert Green Part 1

September 4, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
The Art Of Seduction By Robert Green Part 1

I’ve had this book on my bookshelf for about 3 years and I’ve never read it.. it’s been sat on the shelf taunting my laziness but I’ve never been able to muster enough enthusiasm to read it… Today I’m making a stand.. so I’ve downloaded the audio book version. The audio book is split into four CD’s and today’s review will cover the first one. The Art Of Seduction is a theoretical book about, have a guess… ‘seduction’, what it is and it’s origin. The book kicks off discussing the origins of seduction. Mr Green states that Seduction first came about by women to gain power in a very male dominated world, with the most popular example as Cleopatra. Men like Casanova then started to use these traits like clothing and words to woe young ladies into bed. Seduction then went a bit more mainframe as actors and politicians starting using these seduction techniques to appear more charming to their audiences, by seducing the masses individuals could accumulate power without force.

After this introduction the author discusses how seduction plays a role in our current society. The first concept I found really fascinating was the difference between lust and love. As someone who has a rich dating life I think this difference is something that I’ve never really thought about before but really addresses some of the thoughts I’ve been having recently about stepping up your game. A lot of the pick-up theory is really catered for creating ‘lust’ and I can’t think offhand about reading much about creating ‘love’. The second insight that really fascinated me was the author describing how seduction should be applied to all aspects of your life. If you read a lot of dating material the phrase ‘it will benefit other areas of you life’ always crops up and from my own experiences I have also found the case, this brought me to think that seduction even though it has a lot of negative connotations is basically just another self help program to allow an individual to improve their communication skills. There were a number of quote’s I liked form the book :

After this introduction the books talks about the two qualities to become a seducer. These are to know what is seductive about yourself and what will penetrate your opponents defenses. Once you know this you will be a master ‘seducer’.

Mr Green defines 9 different seducer personality types : Sirens, Rakes, Ideal Lovers, Dandies, Naturals, Charmers, Coquettes, Stars and Charismatics.

The following few chapter then goes into the finer details of each personality types and how the reader can develop these traits within themselves. I was really surprised how interesting I found the book. As I said it’s been on my boko shelf for years as I assumed it was going ot be one of those tedious reads… which is not the case… stay tuned to hear the review on the reamining CD’s.


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