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Welcome!  The aim of this site is to help you on your first steps to have an amazing dating life.   By subscribing you are now on that journey BUT simply signing up to a few newsletters isn’t going to give you the succes you want.

If you want to have an amazing dating life  I’ll share my number one secret here NOW…  go out and practice.  Any line, idea or philosophy you read about and like go out and try it on a girl.  Until you’ve tested your knowledge out, don’t learn anything else new because you’ll just end up having to much information to try.

If you find yourself going to a club and getting too scared to approach either use some of the tips from my toolkit OR find a different approach… go online, practice on a friend… whatever.  With hard work and the right knowledge you will get where you want to be.. trust me.  If I could do it… anyone could.

On the internet you can find thousands of books, courses, seminars, forums on how to score with women.  If you sat down and tried to read all of them it would take you YEARS…  trust me I’ve tried!  What’s the point of knowing every single piece of trivia on a topic if you don’t know how to implement it in the real world.  I can spent years reading how to surf.. but without getting my feet wet I’ll never be a good surfer and your NEVER going to get a girlfriend.

The idea behind the toolkit and this site is to point you in the right direction.  When I started trying to improve my dating life, money was quite a big issue for me.  I kept coming across all these bold claims from all these products that would ‘get me laid in minutes’ or ‘become the next superstar of fucking’.  The example about false marketing that makes me smile is the ad which promises to get any guy ripped in four weeks.   On the advert you see one picture of some fat pasty white guy and in the other a ripped tanned guy underneath…  all you have to do to get the same results….  spend money on a few pills and it’s guaranteed.  I’ve been working out for years and I know these adverts are all lies.  This marketing play is the same as a lot of the dating material out there.  To deal with this information overload you need to strategy to figure out what information to focus on.  My toolkit is that resource to help you on your way.

You now have access to my toolkit.  This includes a number of FREE tips and tricks that will start you on your journey.  The toolkit is still a work in progress and I will continue to be added to so it’s worth downloading every few months for FREE updates :

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