Telling A Girl She’s a Geek To Boost Attraction

May 9, 2012 - Uncategorized

Morning folks, I’ve just woken up in Planet Hollywood in Vegas after several very drunken night outs, so, I thought this would be a great time to write a few posts about some recent insights.

For my normal day job I solve computer based business problems so you could say my job was quite geeky.  With all the classic geek stero-types my job is always perceived as not really attractive.

Recently, I’ve started testing it to see how I can play around with the geek concept to help build attraction.  The first way i started playing with the concept was the classic way of  using geek to tease people.   One of the first girls I tried just the concept out using the concept on was a girl who worked in a magazine publishers about xbox and photography.  I started to bust on
her for being a geeky video game junky… And she replied with ‘no one has ever called me a geek before’ .  This girl was vert pretty quite girly so no one had called her a geek before.  It makes  great running joke  bacause you can come back to it, it’s bot really insulting and the girl gets your joking.

The next time i tried it out on someone I got the same results.  When your out talking to a girl everyone will have a hobby/interest.. have a favorite magazines, celeb gossip, TV show…  Just use anything She has some in depth knowledge about to call her a geek!

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