Dating Product Review : 100 Things To Say On A Dating Site

August 15, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews

Word up people. Today I’ll be reviewing a new eBook called ‘100 things to say on a dating site’. The boos is available for free from It’s quite different from any other products I’ve really seen before. The book is a reference guide that has over 150+ questions that you can ask on a dating site. These questions range from interests, personal, food, travel, sexual. #

My best section was the ‘Would You Rather’ section. That lists a ton of would you rather questions… like have a monobrow or a monkey tail. After downloading the guide I sat down and wrote to a few girls on POF. I havn’t been on a dating site for ages but the guide made it really easy for me to focus my thinking. What I would suggest is you look through a potential matches profile have a look at their likes then find the corresponding section in the guide and pick the question you like the best.



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