Take 15 minutes today to get a date

June 11, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Take 15 minutes today to get a date

Today I want to set you a challenge that will guaranteed to get you a date.  It’s simple but first I’ll tell you a story why this will work.  A friend of mine takes the piss out of me because I go to the gym every lunch to lift weights.  He goes in the mornings for an hour.  Now I’m a lot bigger and stronger than him.. but according to him I only do a ‘part time’ work out.

If he goes to the gym longer than me… how am I nearly have twice his power, simple.  Consistency.  SOmetimes my friend will be hungover, tired or whatever he tries to go everyday but some weeks he may go one time, some weeks he may go five.  On the other hand I know that the first 30 minutes is when you work the hardest in the gym and I go EVERY lunch, regardless of hangover etc..  it’s this consistency that has made me a lot stronger than most people in my gym for my size.

So you know the principal….  I bet you’re asking how do i apply it ? What are the key points…  time and consistency.  Doing things a lot in smaller consistent quantities will get you much better results than doing a one off big gesture once a week. You can use this to get you laid today.  Here’s my chalenge to you.  Sign into your online dating account and message three girls today.  That’s it.  The next day, log-in see if anyone has replied.  If no one has, email three more people.  On day three if you still have no response, then you know you need to change something.  Make a few small tweaks to your profile and/or you’re email… that’s it.  Everyday if you spend 15 minutes just sending three emails and spend 5 minutes tweaking your profile/message until your success rate increases.  I would recommend keeping a spreadsheet to track the percentages of success and failures to help you hone in on your skills.  Repeat this simple process day in, day out and by the end of the month you will have messaged 90 women.   At the end of one year you will have messaged 1,080 women.  With a simple consistant 15 minutes you WILL become good.


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