Stuck in A Rut Trying To Learn Dating Success

July 4, 2012 - Online Dating, Tips To Meet Women
Stuck in A Rut Trying To Learn Dating Success

I have had a stack of books I’ve needed to read for work sitting around for probably nearly two years now.  I mean who wants to sit at home in the little time I get off work reading boring dull technical manuals….  sounds fun right ?  Recently, I finally I managed to get off my bum and read just three of these books.  I have been doing my job for about 6 years and reading these 3 books improved my skills more than the last 3 years of learning naturally from work.  The information made me step back and re-evaluated.

I have a few friends who don’t read anything about trying to improve their dating life.. they go out week in week out, maybe talk to one or two girls which without fail always go wrong.  Just by going out and ‘practising’ won’t create results

In my work example I should have learnt half that stuff years ago as I would have been way more ahead of my game and I would probably being paid a lot more.   Instead I came up with a ton of excuses I had better things to do, it was too difficult, I would naturally get better.

I think a part of learning anything is that you need the right information and then you need to APPLY that knowledge.  When you mix these two magic combinations you will get a lot better A LOT faster.  If you just take a few hours of your life right now and read that one IMPORTANT guide to transform your life, the sooner you will succeed.
When it came to online dating I put off joining for years as I thought meeting women on-line was geeky and I didn’t know what to write.  One day a friend persuaded me to try it out, so I read an ebook on the topic.  Within weeks I was going one ton of dates.  The more women I talked to the more success I had, the more confidence I developed and the better I became, success breads success.  So if you want to improve now…  Look at your biggest sticking point, find the best resource to learn how you can get better, read it then apply that knowledge until it becomes second nature.
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