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The reason why I started this blog is to get you real world success as soon as possible. I want to do this by pointing you to the information that will get you the best results the fastest and to prevent you doing the same as me… wasting hours of your life unnecessarily trying to figure it all out yourself.

On this site you will find reviews of the most popular pickup products, interviews with some of the worlds most renowned pick-up artists, weekly best of the web as well as a whole range of insights and advice so you can dominate your dating life.

I think everyone should be able to live life on their own terms… so… if your flat broke, rich, young, old then my aim is to help you on that journey. If your actually committed to getting your dating success handled, then your journey starts here.

What’s your first step… subscribe to the IWTYTM mailing list (see top left of the page). When you subscribe not only will you get the ‘‘How To Meet Women Toolkit’ that has taken me years worth of research to help you grow for FREE, but you will also get subscriber only articles, free offers from time to time and discounted products from IWTYTM.

So what are you waiting for…  let’s start your success NOW!

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