Learn how to mix it up to increase your sex life

April 30, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Learn how to mix it up to increase your sex life

Howdy. Todays the first time I’ve really had any time in two weeks. I’ve had the most success I think i’ve probably ever had in the last few weeks and it came from two big insights I had. The first I’ll share now. Recently for the first time in my life I had a string of bad dates, I think it was around 9 dates in about 8 weeks and none of them went anywhere meaningful.

I still don’t know what had really changed and for this post it really doesn’t matter. The first insight is how to get out of a funk. I guess most advice I’ve come across is learn some more stuff, spend money… Rah rah rah. What did i do to break this cycle.. I dropped my standards and slept with someone who was nowhere near my usual standard and the following three weeks i went on 7 dates that all ended as planned.

I basically had two options in life… carry on as usual, which in turn would have more than likely continued the cycle and made the issue bigger and much worse in my head. Instead.. I did something which re-wrote the rules of the game, made me rethink and then which in turn lead me to a new success level.

I think in a lot of situations instead of trying to buy a new book or tape, create more limiting beliefs or whatever most of the time you just need a way to give yourself a new perspective. So my challenge is simple.. If you hit a dry spell patch.. Maybe lower your standards temporarily, change your type to a girl you wouldn’t normally go for as it’s these big game changer moves are more likely to get you where you want than banging your head against a wall and doing the same thing over and over. Peace

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