July 25, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
I think that if you don’t know what your looking for out of an interaction you’ll never be fully satisfied.  For the past couple of years I’ve not been looking for a relationship so I wasn’t to focused about the type of women I was attracting.  This year I’ve switched my focus to only attracting the type of women I want.  I’ve benefited by spending time with really cool girls, I pride that I date attractive girls and I enjoy life more.The first step for me was to define what I from a relationship and the characteristics I find attractive and want in a women.  So for me its:Someone to share some happy times and have fun with with without any hurt

I guess its quite explanatory.  I want a fun and exciting life, to do this I want to create good memories.   I’m not looking for a relationship and in most cases when it reaches that stage when the interactions fading out I don’t want it to finish badly.

After that I figured out the stuff I liked from the girls I have dated and the ideals I wanted:

Looks: I’ve always preferred petite blonds who are normally athletic and tanned. I have no idea why that’s my type but it works for me.

A career!   This is important to me for two reasons.  First, I want to enjoy life!  If I feel like going for a road trip, seeing a band or whatever I’ll do it.  If I see someone I need to know they can pay there way.  Why would I want to spend all my money on someone I’m only dating?  Secondly, it shows passion and drive two big things for me.  If someone has picked a career, gone to university/done exams etc.. it shows that they know what they want and then got ambition to follow it.

Dry sense of humor:  I’m a very sarcastic person and I’m only hang out with people who I can banter with.  If someone just takes my shit and doesn’t give anything back I get bored very quickly.

Outgoing: I’ve always loved going to bars and clubs ever since I was old enough.  Its how I spent time hanging out with my friends and having fun.  If she likes going out it means a) she has friends and her own life, b) we can hang out with my friends.

Adventurous:  I have goals in life but I don’t care in the slightest how I get there.  If you want to hang out with me you need to be random and go with the flow and adapt to the situation.  If your the sort of person who only likes planned fun, its not going anywhere.

Affectionate:  I think this is an obvious one for everyone.  If you hang round with someone you want them to be caring.

Active: This ones not so key.  I love weight lifting, running and kite surfing.  If she’s into sports we’ve got cool stuff we can do together.

Assertive : I like women who know what they want.

Now these are my guidelines there not set in stone.  If an amazing women came along  who didn’t have any of the above characters it might not be a definite no.  So why do it?  It gives me an outline as to what to ask when I go out.  Instead of coming from a needy place I now have the power.  When I talk to a girl my aims to try and find out if she meets my criteria.

To help you on your journey I Google a few ideas for you to think of loyal, devoted, rebellious, affectionate, aspiring,candid,caring,cheerful,considerate, thoughtful,
,cooperative,courageous,courteous,decisive,devoted,determined,does what is necessary, perseveres, enthusiastic, expansive, faith in life, faith in oneself, faith in others flexible, forgiving, focused, friendly, frugal ,generous,goodwill,grateful,hard-working ,honest , humble, interested, involved, jealous, jealous, kind, immature, modest, vain, open-minded, tolerant, optimistic, pessimistic,perfects, persistent, positive, practical, punctual, realistic, reliable, unreliable, responsible, confident, self-directed, disciplined, self-esteem, , centered, selfless, silly, sincere, insincere, social independence, social approval, sympathetic, thoughtful, trusting, suspicious, unpretentious, pretentious, affected, ostentatious, unselfish,work-oriented

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