Pareto’s law of getting laid online

June 18, 2012 - Online Dating
Pareto’s law of getting laid online

I read some amazing stat’s yesterday about guy’s who use online dating sites.  80% of all people give up in the firs 6 months and out of those guys many of them never get a reply.  How amazing is that..  it means that 20% of the guys on the site are probably getting WAY more success.  So what do you think those 20% are doing….  something different to the other 80% obviously

In my online learning experience one of the big ‘ah-ha’ moments for me was realising that the more I differentiated myself from other guys the more succes I acheived.  If you use a lame ass opener like ‘Hey’, How are you?’, ‘How was your weekend ?’ you’ll get the same results as the 80%… it’s pretty obvious when you say it.

If you want to get into the top 20% achievers what should you do…  well first in most situations you can either learn more or gain more experience.  Pick One.  In the online world I really do think knowledge is power and buying one of the pick-up guides you will get you much more success (see the review section for recommendations).    If you want to go the hard route just start messaging all type of different things until you stumble across what works for you.


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