Online Dating… Fishing vs hunting

December 21, 2011 - Online Dating
Online Dating…  Fishing vs hunting

Gather round children, it’s story time.  When it comes to online dating I think there are two approaches a guy can use to meet a women online.  By understanding how your going to meet a women you can then understand the tweaks you need to imprvove your game.

In my opinion a guys has two options to meet a women…  you can either sit back and wait for them (fishing) or go out email then (hunting).
Fishing gives you a lot more power as the girls are letting you know you seem interesting.  Hunting involves more skill as you need to rely on your skills to go out an catch something.  Your profile and phoos are key… But when your fishing Your profile is your bait…  The better your bait the more fish you will catch.  If you want to sit back and enjoy the fishing..  You will have to take
time writing a great profile and taking the best pictures.  Using sites like will help you with this.

If your a hunter you nee to be able to get girls to talk to you… ideally with a really high repsonse rate.  Using this approach will give you more rejection…  But it also means you get to pick your pray and from my experience it will give you a higher quailty of woman.

When i started online dating I practiced on becoming a good fisher..  just understanding my approach helped me
focus on tweaking my profile until I had a consent stream of women getting in contact with me.  Then when I had this I switched to becoming a hunter.  As I had a killer profile when I went hunting it made the process much easier.   Things were naturally more successful and it stopped me making rookie mistakes on the higher class women…

So it’s make up your mind time…   are you fiaher or hunter?

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