Online Dating Explained by Nitrous

July 11, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
Online Dating Explained by Nitrous

Hola a todos! I’m sat in my office with alcohol sweets… yuk!  I’m trying to feel half human again after a mammoth weekend session of drinking, womanising and socializing, I honestly don’t know how I cope at times!

Today’s review is on an eBook called online dating exposed. that deals unsurprisingly with online dating and it also covers a little bit of Facebook dating. The books just under 30 pages long and is written by some dude called Adam Pearson AKA Nitrous.  So I hope your sitting comfortably as I’m ready…

The book starts off discussing one of the biggest factors most guys overlook when they’re learning to meet women online… your profile and your pictures.   Nitrous starts the discussion on this topic off by going over several bad profiles and highlighting the things that you should avoid writing.

For each profile he goes through each line within the profile and discusses what a women will imply about you and why yo should avoid certain things.. I think most of the topics concepts demonstrated are obvious BUT from my experience this is something that I repeatedly see people skipping time on.  He then gives the reader two profiles that he recommends using.  I really liked the second profile and I could see how it would work really well.  In my perspective a lot about online dating is having the ability to make yourself standout and the approaches Nitrous details does achieve that.

Nitrous then goes on to discuss a ‘positive mindset’ and the importance of having a strong frame when your communicating with women.  When meeting women online if your constantly worrying about not wanting to make a mistake then you’ll be preventing yourself from being congruent with yourself and you’ll be too afraid to say the things that will make you stand out.  Even though this sections is quite short I think this area is another  KEY sticking point that loads of guys have.

The book then goes on to the actual meat…  what to say to open up a conversation.  In this chapter Nitrous talks about the different types of openers and how a girl will perceive your character base on what you ask..  He provides a few openers’ he uses.  One part of this I really liked is that he also provided demo response from actual girls.  I think it’s a really useful thing to be able to see how conversations flow for learning purposes.

Some of the other topics that gets included in this section are things like how to deal with really rude replies, what to do if you don’t get a response and you REALLY like the girl, how to make your words more engaging and how you can change the conversation topic if you get bored of whatever the hell she’s banging on about.  Two really useful concepts that gets mentioned to keep the conversation fun and light hearted are games and role playing.  This is something I have used with A LOT of success both in my online an real world interactions and I strongly RECOMMEND it.

After learning on how to open and some tips about talking to a girl.. the next natural step is…  pulling the trigger and asking her out.  Nitrous details two ways to achieve this.  I personally get the girl to ask me out SO I don’t really use these approaches… BUT I really liked both of them and will definitely try them both out.

The last chapter in the online system discuss how to transition from getting a phone number to a close.  Nitrous comes up with a really great exercise to improve your text game.  It’s something that I’ve never even considered BUT it’s so easy, access and free I think this would be a great way if you have a sticking area in this area.

The last topic discusses how to transtion from getting the number into closing. Nitrous lists an exercise that I really liked to help improve your texting style.  I think that with any skill you want to learn the more REPETITION and practice you get in that area the more skilled you will get.  Nitrous exercuse is pretty simple but allows you to practice even if you don’t have anyone in the work to text AND if you don’t have anyone to text read some of my David DeAneglo reviews and get some more knowledge.  The main concepts via text is pretty similar to any intereaction you have with a girl be challenging, direct, non needy etc…

The Good Points :

The Bad Points :

Rating : 6.5/10

Conclusion : I liked the content of this book and I think it would help improve someones ability to meet women online.  I’ve been meeting women online for well over two years and have spoken to hundreds of women in that time.. after reading this book I still found a ton of fresh new insights and I’ve got a list of a few new things to try.


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