Online Dating Domination by Scott McKay Part One

August 28, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
Online Dating Domination by Scott McKay Part One

After registering you get access to the Online Dating Domination secure members area and access the content. From this area you have access to over 16 hours worth of audio content, several videos and 3 eBooks. Topics covered besides Scott’s dating domination system include myspace , speed dating,, niche dating sites and from email to meeting her. The first audio course I started with was the ‘General Principles’ guide.

The main part of the course is called ‘General Principles’ and lasts for just under three hours.  General Principles starts off with Scott defining his goals about what he wants the listener to learn…  how to attract high quality women online.

The first thirty minutes talk about the benefits for guys about online dating, the challenges he will face and why so many guys fail to find success online.  I’ve been using online dating site for several years and I have also read about the subject and in this discussion Scott raises several concepts that I have never considered before.  If I knew some of these insights when I first joined the online dating world I know I would have had a lot more success than I did.   Scott then goes on to talk about the mistakes most guys make and why they fail. One of the things he goes over here is something that I’ve recommended in the past.

The second CD kicks off with what the warning signs in girls profiles that guys should watch out for, topics include age, weight and fake profiles.  I found these tips useful but it was quite a lot of obvious tips.  The next section talks about what to write in your profile.

Online Dating Domination by Scott McKay


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