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August 28, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews

Last week I kick started my review of Dating Domination by Scott McKay. In the first review here I cover the main system that Scott presents. Additionally when you join up you also get a HUGE amount of bonus material that covers every aspect of meeting women online. As there is so much content I’ll only focus on my favorite guides :

Scott and Dave M Interview : This was definitely the most information packed and useful tape in the bonus material. The tape kicks off talking about discussing some of the stats regarding men using dating sites. According with Dave M over 50% of the guys quit online dating after 3 months and 50 of those guys don’t get any replies at all.

After the introduction Dave M starts to talk about some of his online horror stories. I have to admit I’ve also had my share and it is what it is… a funny experience/story to tell people in the future. One of the reasons why I still read and listen to dating advice is that I think you can always find better ways to do things or find different ways of looking at the world. I found this interview filled with these useful tidbits throughout as it was two guys just sharing their online experiences online and what and how they became better.

Towards the middle of the discussion a LOAD of really useful and insightful concepts and ideas, this varies from how to start a conversation, how to write an opening subject, how to write your profile what username to pick etc… The first one that really hit home to me was about how to define success online. The reason I found this useful is because the last two dates haven’t gone the way I intended. This hasn’t happened to me for a while and as Dave M said… dry spells happen. You can say the same thing that works 7 out of 10 times all the time and then suddenly only one of those might go successful. Sometimes the issue may not be you… you just need to keep focused on the big picture and by the end of the year with consistent work you will get out of this world success. The reason for this is that everyone is different and when you approach online dating even when you do incredible well.. not every single person is going to be attracted to you.. no matter what you write. I read Pandora’s box by Vin DiCarlo. In this he writes about the different types of women’s personalities and how they are attracted to different things. If you have one approach it’s never just going to work on everyone.

Scott and Dave didn’t really mention any specific sentences, opening lines or phrases etc.. to use but they give you some simple modals that anyone could use to generate your own great ideas. For this section alone it is definitely worth listening to this tape. One example that Scott gave was to imagine writing a card to your wife on your first anniversary, it won’t be sexual but it would be meaningful and will make a women pay attention.

Grant Adams, Finding The Greatest Women You’ve Ever Met Online : This is a two part series that lasts around 20 minutes. Grant talks about how to find the best women online. This kicks off with one of those issues that sort of bugs me.. the first rule is being a great guy and having constant personal growth. I agree with what he says… BUT.. on the flip side I personally hate this self help mumbo-jumbo because it doesn’t give the listener any steps to start on the journey. I really like tapes where you can implement the speakers advice. One of the main topics that I liked within this discussion was the fact that when your online you need to bring something to the table instead. Most guys will email girls ‘Hey’ etc.. but if you did something like send a Youtube video your bringing something to their table. The rest of guide is how to find ‘sharp’ women. I think this section is pretty objective. Grant gave a story where he gave an example of one of the women talked to where he gave a gift that really emphasizes his success.

Scott McKay – Mastering The System : This guide is around 25 minutes long. I found this one of the more valuable guides from the series. Scott covers a load of really useful tips (a lot I’d never considered myself) on how to get the most visibility from your profile and second the best ways to search for women WITH the highest probability rates that they will reply to you. If you use online dating sites then I think this tape is an invaluable resource as it covers a lot of buts and bolts about the actual sites that most products skip.

Dave M On How To Dominate Your Metro Area Online : I skipped it after 60 seconds

David Wygant On How To Get Second Dates : In this talk Scott interviews David Wygant. This chat is focused about how to have good dates. This topic because it is quite brief covers the basics, these things include concepts such as planning, locations, leading, style. In this talk there are a number of date ideas that I’ve never personally tried but I think would be fun to go on. I thought the conversations about connecting was quite thought provoking. I recently went on a date with a girl who solidly ask questions and some of the things they talked about was pretty much spot on why I classed it as a bad date. Another concept I loved was that you need to be the ‘tune in next week’ type of guy when your on dates to really seduce someone. By leaving her wanting more you will become EXTREMELY attractive to her.

Apart from the audio guides above there are also a number of other audio guides that range between 3 and 40 minutes, these included ‘A Great Woman’s Profile Narrative’, ‘Writing A Great Woman’, ‘Instant Messaging Magic’, ‘Ray Shiri On HotOrNot.Com’, ‘Social Rockstar On MySpace Game’, ‘Ramon Thomas On Speed Dating’, ‘Jerry Miller On Niche Dating Sites’, ‘Joe Tracy On Selecting An Online Dating Service’ and the ‘The Dating Passport Team On Internet Dating Security’.

I found these talks quite informative and I definitely appreciate having a course jam packed with content but I wouldn’t really say there was anything note worthy within the guides. You can find out more information about online dating domination at Scott McKay’s website.

Online Dating Domination by Scott McKay

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