Net 2 Bed by Grant Adams

September 3, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
Net 2 Bed by Grant Adams

Hey folks.  Today is another online dating review fir the ‘Net 2 Bed’ system.  Grant seems to be really well qualified, he’s a professional writer and speech writer and he has worked for some very famous people.  I first heard about Grant thought a David D interview.  I applied some of Grants techniques and I got noticeable improved results so I thought i’d give the book a go.

The main book is split into two parts  The first bit is how to write a great profile and the second part is how to improve your communication toolkit and what to say.  The book is around 130 pages long and it also comes with some bonus material like what to write for your headline.

The first part tells step by step how to write a profile.  Grant covers the basic’s like explaining what certain terms reflects about you really well, his 30+ page on headliners is a great example of this.

I found the second part more useful.  In this section he gives tips on how to improve your writing, how to standout from the crowd, how to read peoples profiles and target specific things.  he gives a few case samples about how he got dates.

I don’t think some of Grants advice would work as well for me than some people.  I think my character differs quite a lot from Grants.  If I had to describe myself it would be a alpha male type personality, I like lifting weights, I run marathons, I can sometimes push the cocky boundary and at times and I’m not a very poetic or sensitive person.  If I was to follow Grants advice fully it would involve me trying to change my whole personality to suit his method instead of him writing advice for different types of guys.

I’d say a lot of what Grant writes is very flowery, if this suits your personality, your profile and your personalty then it will really increase your results as you’ll be communicating a lot more eloquently.  However, if you’re not as comfortable writing in this style, e.g. you could never imagine Tony Soprano writing like this, then I don’t think trying to fake your vocabulary and being less incongruent with yourself is going to work.

I believe everyone has their own unique style and if you’re not sensitive don’t try and fake it just to impress someone.  I’ve personally found that if you write more to communicate on a more feminine level people repsond a lot better.

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