Meeting Women Online By David DeAngelo

December 4, 2012 - Pickup Product Reviews
Meeting Women Online By David DeAngelo

The Meeting women on-line course is a 12 hour DVD series split into 6 videos. The first CD kicks off with David providing a pretty basic and common sense introduction to Internet dating. This part of the course is definitely targeted towards guys who are completely new to the concept of meeting women online. As part of this introduction David starts off talking about all the various options for meeting women on line like social media, dating sites, instant messaging etc… he then goes on to cover he covers things like recommending improving your typing skills, developing your own systems, the correct attitude to have, being able to search for people.

I’ve read a lot of online dating material as it’s my preferred way of dating. For that reason I found the first CD a bit slow. One of the concepts David talks about is rasing the level of cocky/funny humor used online.   From my experience being REALLY cocky/funny especially within the initial parts of a communication killed it. I’ve found that because the girl can’t see your voice tone, body language, eyes etc… there is a lot higher chance she won’t get the humor AND could get offended with it. As hot girls get bombard with emails from my experiences I’ve found they won’t think twice about moving on. There are processes you can use to try and rectify the situation.. BUT.. why get yourself into that situation in the first place ?

There were a lot of material I did enjoy sprinkled throughout the first disc. Some of these things includes some of the communications David used to tease women, some mindsets, for example David’s list covered things like calling her a stalker, a guy, married, spelling. I thought this covered a lot funny stuff that could be use. These included things like probably being male, scary look, being wired pervy and skeezy trawling the internet for dudes, probably married to more than one dude

Towards the end of disc one/start of disc two is when then course picked up for me. David reads through a sample of emails received from one of his female friends. HE uses these examples to demonstrate the similarities between the messages and he outlines the common mistakes (outer and inner stuff). He gets the guys from the audience to give their opinions about what’s wrong with these messages. For me this is one of the parts that I think sets Davids courses apart because you get a mixture or opinions that can help you get different perspectives. After he goes through around 10 emails he then goes through a sample of guys profile and highlights the positives/negatives.

After this David talks about some more advanced material. He starts discussing different types of mindsets to use when writing a profile, what women look for in a profile. I thought there was a lot of material packed into this disc and it would probably take a few listens to absorb all the information. There was a definite information overload and I thought that this information was ‘gold’.

Towards the middle of the second disc the first guest speaker comes on which is Neil Strauss author of the game… AKA style. Neil discusses a seven step system he developed to attract women through the classified ads. I really liked Neil’s system and I think it is definitely worth giving it a try, especially the way he decomposed the opening email. From all the material I read I think this advice gave me the greatest of insights. Neil’s system is a seven phase process of writing a profile to opening, meeting and sealing the deal.

Disc 3 kicks off with David D talking about the ‘dumb ass’ prevention’. This section covers the BIG mistakes you should use. David sounds like he meets women through AOL chat. So a lot of the advice is targeted towards that approach. In this section David goes a number of generic approaches. I always find these suggests of advice hard to implement. You get thrown so much in such a sort time it’s hard to implement everything. After the first 30 minutes David introduces some more guest speakers, these include Richard, Brent and

Richard is one of David’s friends who is also very new to online dating. Richard provides a unique perspective from his initial mistakes he’s made from online dating. The part I found most insightful was the part when Richard talks about his different experiments when it came to getting a women initially engaged into a conversation. He tried several different approaches until he found something that stuck.

Brent has appeared on a few of other David’s other products and he has recently turned into a full time dating coach.  He starts off talking about the most common questions/fears guys have surrounding online dating.  The questions he mentions are all issues I came up against when I started joining online.  Brent ends the last of his segment answering guys from the audiences questions

The fourth speaker is a guy called Chet.  Chet starts off talking about his story.  Chet has appeared on David D’s Interview with Dating Guru Series which I really liked.  However, the main story of Chet’s talk is the same story as Chet gave in his first interview.  As I’ve heard Chet talk before I found his talk a bit disappointing mainly because I didn’t hear anything new.  I think that if your paying for a particular product you should get new information.  I also didn’t really find mainly usable tips that could be transferred into my own online dating strategy.



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