Learn how to detach your ego from an outcome to increase your success with women!

June 27, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
Learn how to detach your ego from an outcome to increase your success with women!

Hola gente! Ya llegué…  It’s been a manic few weeks in my life.   I’ve been smoozing with celebs, been rained out of a field with 100,000 other people and turned 30 all within 10 days…   so now it’s time to write down some stuff I’ve learnt

This post is the about the power of detaching your ego from your dating life.  In most dating product they all advise to create higher value to be non-needy etc…  while this advice is great I’ve also experienced ths problems that arise if you adopt it too strictly.

My sticking point from this advice is that is that I’d kill relationships with girls I’ve just meet or even known for months just to maintain value  OR to not come over weak OR to stop my ego getting bruised.

The problem I had was that I attached the success with a girl to how I felt.  I placed my self esteem in someone else boundary.  Doing this not only destoryed several relatiohsips  it also stopped me learning as quickly…  as I was more relcutant to try thing out with the excuse of ‘maintaining power’.

So what have I done since recognizing this limiting belief inside me…   I have now adopted a mindset to see these situations as a chance to experiment.  If I come up with a situation instead of attching my ego to the outcome I think about different things I could try out just to see what would happens ?

Why is this beneficial..  because it’s improved my relationship skills and increased the time it takes to improve my self development.

My challenge this week to you is this…  next time your in a situation you wouldn’t normally do ANYTHING about.  Sit down think about a situation/assumption you would like to test out and see what happens.  The worst outcome is probably the outcome that will happen anyway.. the best you could get for trying out something new is you GET what you want.

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