Learn by your mistakes… better your dating chances NOW

April 16, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Learn by your mistakes…  better your dating chances NOW

If you read enough on dating, self-help or psychology you will bump into the concept of limiting beliefs, invisible scripts or whatever you want to call them.  This inner beliefs most of which are unconscious that control our lives.  If you find you keep encountering the same problems then there’s only two ways around it.. first you need to overcome some inner belief, or, you need to learn some new action that will get you past this sticking point.

Recently I went on several dates that all ended up badly.  I ended up kissing most of them but I didn’t end up seeing any of them again.  This was the first time since I have been single that this had happened to this degree.  As soon as I realized  this I wanted to figure out what had changed… and to do this I started to look for the patterns.

  1. All of the recent girls all lived over 30 minutes drive away
  2. Most of these dates were in new venues that I didn’t really know too well.
  3. Most of the girl were 30+
  4. None of the girls really had the same core values in life
  5. In all cases I portrayed my life as on big happy party (which it is)

After I thought about this a while it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t being picky enough.  I was going on dates just to get experience and in honesty I didn’t really care how it went.  Sometimes this is a benefit but if your taking a girl out you should like her.  With this new realization I was able to change my focus and improve my dating life.  If you have had good or bad luck write down the commonalities of those encounters and look for the patterns.  Knowing what works and what doesn’t work for you will dramatically improve your success.

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