Interview With Richard La Runia of The Natural Art Of Seduction

December 5, 2011 - Interview

Hey back up in here.  A few weeks back I reviewed one of the first dating success books I ever brought, The Natural Art Of Seduction by Richard La Runia which I still give big praises to.  Since that post Richard has kindly agreed to hit up a few exclusive  tips to help you guys boost your success…  cool stuff I think you’ll agree.  So here goes…

What was your inspiration for writing the natural art of seduction ?

I was already training guys, and I put things together in a sequential order.  When I taught a guy I’d pretty much follow the same order that you see in the book.  So it was very easy to put what I was saying every day in trainings into words.  The book was written very quickly.  How did I get the publisher?  Well I wanted to publish a book at some point but knew that knocking on doors and sending in manuscripts was a horrible process.  Luckily I had a customer who had just invested in a small UK publisher and he made it happen.  The book went on to be their best seller with 30,000 copies.  Since then it has been published in Italy, Korea, Germany, and is coming to Brazil in Jan and, the big one, America in Feb.

Aside from your book are there other ways people can get dating advice from you ?

Plenty.  We have our website which has lots of free advice, but also links to our paid products and live training courses.  Seeing things on video really helps, especially when talking about things like how to touch.  Doing live training is obviously the best thing for rapid improvement but takes some balls to undertake and also costs more.  When I first started learning there wasn’t so much available, but now guys really are spoilt with the amount of information available and the only problem could be information overload or getting confused.

Why do you think someone invest in your book/service ?

When I was desperate, single, and lonely, I would have paid every penny I had, and maybe even taken out a loan to pay MORE to someone who could get me results.  This is a big area of pain.  Luckily, the book is cheap 😉 the courses are cheaper than even personal training at the gym, and the main barrier to getting better is the one in your head.

How can people get in touch with you ?

To directly get in touch with me is tough. It’s easy to get in touch with other trainers at PUATraining.  The best way to interact with me is probably via Facebook –, where I read all the  messages, post updates, and lots of pics of what I am up to 😉

Lastly, can you give my readers one unconventional tip to help someone just starting to get into online dating ?

Online dating is totally against my way of thinking.  I used to sit in the house on my own on the computer.  Just because you are sending emails and chatting doesn’t really prepare you for real interactions with beautiful women.  It’s fine to use in ADDITION to actually going out and talking to girls, but not as a substitute.  Real-world social skills are the most valuable commodity a person can develop so really focus on that and don’t be lazy.  I’ve only had 2 dates from online…but the key was an interesting profile.  I have a long variation which I put in my book (I think)…but the shorter profile was just “be careful, I’m trouble.”

I hope you agree there’s some pretty cool content in there so thanks to Rich….  till next time.  Peace

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