Interview With Dating Guru’s With Shawn Royster by David DeAngelo

June 4, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
Interview With Dating Guru’s With Shawn Royster by David DeAngelo

Morning folks.. today’s the first post written from my new place of emplyeement… I know exciting!  One of the biggest things to hit me is the importance of being in social situations ALL THE TIME.  In my last job I worked in a small room with 4 middle aged guys where nobody ever really spoke.  I’m now working in a big sales team where I have to speak a lot more everyday…  the results…  my dating life took anotherer big sky rocket after a recent slump…  go figure!

Today’s review is another one of David DeAngelo Interview with Dating Guru Series.  This time is with a guy called Shawn Royster.  Shawn is the producer of David’s audio tapes but he also had a lot of interesting stuff to share surrounding women.

The interview kicks off with the guys discussing ‘confidence’ and handling your outer issues like style, grooming etc.. these topics have been covered countless times so I won’t go over them again here.  For me the interview got interesting when Sean introduced his concept of ‘bounce back’.  The basic premise of this principle is that it’s not the first thing you say to a girl that matters, it’s what you say to her reaction, e.g. if you pat a girl on her head, it’s the way you deal with her reaction that’s more important.  The diea is that as long as you get a reaction, theres emotion towards you and you can then use this to develop the interaction.  You need to transfer this energy, and a lot of this talk discussed things like maintining your compossure in different circumstances.

After this a lot of the talk was about mens flase assumptions about the importance of lokos.  I can’t remember where I read this originally but the basic fact is men rate women and for guys this is one of outr big criteria.  Guys then think that women use the same selection process as men.. so.. they assumes looks are important to women and use this as an excuse not to successed.  They discuss in detail a lot of real world examples which I always find really useful.  WHen you here some advice and then hear how it applies in the real world I always think it makes the point come across.  The example I think illustraed this the best was the comparrions between a ‘hippy dude’ who would have better success in a their enviroment compared to some good looking business guy.

The interview had a load of different tips and tricks scattered throughout, some of my favourites were things like recommending warm-up sets as soon as u get in somewhere as it kills your nerve and get good at being single before the relationship

Conclusion :  I liked Sean’s approach.  It’s nothing crazy, he just uses a very natural non and chesesey confident approach.

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