Interview With Dating Guru’s with Sam By David DeAngelo

September 25, 2012 - Pickup Product Reviews
Interview With Dating Guru’s with Sam By David DeAngelo

In this interview David interviews a guy called Sam. Sam 46 year old guy who dates women up to 20 years younger than him. He learnt how to be successful with women through David’s products and seminars.

The interview starts off in a similar vain as the others Sam has a brief introduction. The main conversation thread discussed throughout this interview is the difference in Sam’s thinking before he came across David’s materials compared to now he is more experienced. Sam appeared to of found that the more of David materials he tried out the further his outlook moved away from his previous ‘wussy’ paradigm. Some of these things that get discussed included women’s tests, his life experiences with this new mindset, how people act towards him differently. One conversation I think may make a few people think is that it’s as hard for a women to meet a guy with his life together as most guys think it is for him to date an extremely beautiful women.
It’s not what you say.. it’s how you say it. The more confident you are in yourself, then more positive mindset you have the more. The interview goes on to discuss how being ball busting makes women like you more. Women interpret everything and doesn’t take it at face value. when your trying to be nice women can see it as manipulation.

Conclusion : I didn’t find the interview was stacked with tips as some of the other interviews. I thought this was an interesting interview but nothing to write home about

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