Interview with Adam Pearson/Nitrous of Online Dating Exposed

July 8, 2011 - Interview

It’s Friday and it’s hours away from playtime… I’m going to be checking some beach polo action and chill’in with the so called social ‘elite’ so I’m feeling pretty gangsta.  I’ve been emailing a gentleman called Adam AKA Nitrous for the last couple of weeks.  Adam seems like he knows  a lot of useful specifically relating to online dating.  Adam’s recently released an eBook called online dating exposed (a review of which will be posted on Monday) that has got a load of useful content and tips for anyone wanting to meet women through online dating sites.  I thought it might be fun to ask Adam a few questions about his past….    so enjoy!

Can you provide my readers a bit about your background surrounding dating ? Well, until November 2009 (when I found out about pua), I had only dated 3 girls, and I think the longest of those was a month (Saskia), I don’t know what attracted her to me, it wasn’t my confidence that’s for sure, in life I am a pretty confident person but when it came to girls that all changed, I was this shy, needy looser, I called Saskia every day to speak to her, and I would constantly text her.. I don’t know what she saw in me, I really don’t, but anyway I’m deviating. Anyway so I was reading in the paper about this guy Adam Lyons and that was what really cemented it for me, it was my second exposure to PUA (the first time I was in awe of these guys to be frank but did not follow it up), this time I brought products to improve my success with women, I even brought Paul Mckenna’s confidence programs, after watching it all, I had allot of knowledge but still not the confidence to put it into practice, eventually I decided to put it into practice and I started experimenting and actually speaking to girls and started to get real results.

What was your inspiration for writing online dating explained ? I’m going to deviate from the question for a second in order to explain the whole story around it, before I got good at online dating and was just another AFC online dater, I literally read and looked at most of the popular online dating products to try and get results and was unsatisfied with the quality of them, they were written by good looking guys promising unrealistic results, full of fluff and where based around a method which frankly was not me, it was very indirect, and I received next to no replies, which at the time was annoying because I had forked out money and got nowhere, I actually wrote online dating off entirely for a while, thinking it was all fakes or ugly women, In hind sight I’m glad it didn’t work, or i probably would not have discovered a complete game changer for me, in the form of Alan Roger Currie’s Mode One book, it’s not related to online dating, or any form of game, what it is though is a 168 page book which outlines in detail a good and bad mindset for talking to women, it literally changed my game completely, it was this that made me give online dating one last go, so I wrote a Type 2 High Risk profile (basically saying what I really think), based on the Mode One mindset and I actually got more replies then I had got before so I tweaked it and started seeing even better results, then I was on PUA forums and answering common questions, and I decided that instead of answering the same question over and over, I would write an easy, concise, eBook, which could help men actually achieve online dating success, even men who like me are not attractive.

What was your biggest sticking point when trying to learn how to be successful using online dating ? My biggest sticking point was actually getting replies, I didn’t know what to say to engage women, I would send the typical AFC message, actually I just checked my sent box on Hotmail and found an actual message I sent to loads of girls on Gumtree dating, which unsurprisingly got me no replies! “Hi, My name is Adam, I have a variety of interests including going out to bars, pool. My favorite drink is probably Sambuca! I like to enjoy life, what ever life has to offer. Thanks Adam” Looking back at it now I can see why It failed, there is actually a few reasons but i will just give you a couple, firstly it is like every other guy sends her and no not expressing my true desires, and secondly I am thanking her for reading my message which is assigning her more value than myself, actually caring what she thought of me, even though I did not know her and never did get to know her…

Why should someone invest in online dating exposed ? Well quite simply… if you would like to see a system that will dramatically improves your dating life tonight, be it just to get laid or to have a relationship then online dating explained is for you, because it is 100% field tested unlike our competitors, It is tried and tested and backed up by a 60 day money back guarantee, if you don’t find it useful then I insist you have every last penny back.

Can you give my readers one tip to help someone just starting to get into online dating ? Here is a tip for your readers “Read Online Dating Explained!”, Ok but seriously joking aside, I would say the best tip I can give your readers for free would be on the matter of mindset, in short Do not care what women think of you, this is a strange thing when you are starting out, even if you don’t think you care or you don’t think you “assign her more value than yourself”, you almost always do, I know I did, when you see a HB8/9/10 and you are only a HB4 it is hard when you are starting out I know, but women can really tell, and once you overcome this major sticking point, you are allot closer to receiving your desired goal, and actually getting numbers, meeting her in person, sex and if you want a relationship then a relationship.

What do you think is the best question in the world ? In the traditional sense I don’t really ask women tradition questions, a typical question women are constantly bombarded with is “What is your favorite colour?”, now of course if I actually want to know her and not just have sex with her I want to know her favourite colour but you have to frame it right, but again I am deviating. My personal favorite question, to do with the mindset you should have when sending girls messages, is “Do we really care what some women who doesn’t know us and if she doesn’t like us, is never going to know us thinks?”


In conclusion : I always find peoples background story with failure/success with women really interesting.   I think it’s insightful for people trying to get success with women to see that it is  possible AND with enough determination anyone can live the life they want….

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